Gulfport Service Drive A Hazardous Ride

"We need to bring this thing into the 21st century where people can walk, ride bicycles, take scooters without fear of being run over," says Charles Carter as he manuevers his way along the service drive in front of the Armed Forces Home.

A bad back and other health problems forces Carter to use a motorized scooter to get around. He says it would be easier if the City of Gulfport would put in more sidewalks from the Armed Forces Home, east towards the eight flags display on the beach.

"We have drainage problems here. They need to smooth those out and put in sidewalks so people can get off the street."

There are some sidewalks but they're only in certain areas.

"Some are quite narrow. The one by the golf course is all broken up, it's a hazard," Carter says.

Carter has to struggle to keep moving along the drive when he reaches curbs and sections of the sidewalks that are uneven, cracked and broken. He also has to swing around huge oak trees that stand very close to the edge of the road. Carter says he has dodged several near misses from speeding drivers too.

"I consider it very hazardous. That's why I have the reflectors, the lights. I want people to see me so they can miss me."

Carter foresees the problems getting worse as the Armed Forces Home expands,  more people move in, and more traffic uses the service drive.

Mayor Pro-Tem Kim Savant says sidewalks are needed across the city.  But Savant say with the city's strapped finances, he doesn't know how the city could pay for them.