New Education Course Designed To Protect Hunters

This could be your typical classroom,but the guns on the table here at Dad's Super Pawn says otherwise.

"We're gonna learn hunter safety, we're gonna learn farm safety, we're gonna learn how to clean animals, we're gonna learn how to take care of game, the proper way to handle weapons," said instructor Jim Reaves.

This is a hunter education course - a course required by law - for anyone 12 years old and older who wants to hunt safely and responsibly.

"The state has set up different classrooms over at USM, at Jeff Davis, in different areas. But they've never had a central location and hopefully we're trying to set up a central area which is in between Biloxi and Pass Christian," said Kevin Riley, owner of Dad's Super Pawn and course sponsor.

On its first night, the course reached its 25-student limit, and the classroom was filled with more teens than adults.

Amanda Cuevas learned to shoot when she was 11 years old.

"I just left from Lumberton and I think I shot my most amount of squirrels there. It was probably 4,"said student Amanda Cuevas.

But squirrels, deer, or whatever, the class teaches that hunting is more than just taking out an animal with a firearm. It's meeting your responsibility to the land, the landowner, other hunters, the game, the public, and yourself.

"It's important primarily to save lives. If we can save one life by doing this. It's worthwhile,"said Jim Reaves.

If you would like more information on how you can sign up for this free course, which is once a week for three weeks, call Dad's Super Pawn at 864-2602. Ask for Kevin Riley.