Waveland business owners don't like noise ordinance

By Al Showers - bio | email

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Some Waveland residents and business owners are making a lot of noise about the city's new noise ordinance. The business owners say the ordinance passed is too restrictive, and they'd like aldermen to re-think their decision.

Some Waveland business owners say if the new ordinance isn't changed, it could drive them out of business. The heart of the controversy began beating at a Coleman Avenue Lounge about six months ago.

Lounge owner Nadine Brown said, "There's been like 27 complaints to the Waveland Police Department in the last six months, because of C and R's. Because we have live music."

Brian Mollere lives less than a 150 feet from C and R's.

"When I'm in my home watching television, the news or whatever, all I hear is thump thump thump," Mollere said. "You've heard cars pass with that bass. That's what I hear constantly."

Waveland leaders adopted a new city-wide noise ordinance to give Mollere and his neighbors some peace, but others say the ordinance goes too far.

Waveland Resident Rhonda Aime Gamble said, "For business owners in commercial areas, your customers can't have conversations in your parking lot. They can't come to your establishment if they have a loud car or motorcycle. That includes no Harley roar, no crying baby, no fireworks, no barking dog."

City leaders say the ordinance is being misinterpreted. A dog would have to bark continuously and be heard over a 100 feet away to be in violation. The business owners say the rules don't call for any device to measure noise levels.

When a complaint is made, it's simply up to the police officer to decide whether there's a violation.

"What it does is it puts one person's word against another person's word," Gamble said. "The police department has no way of enforcing it."

Brown said, "What we're asking you to do is revisit this ordinance, and make it to where I can still do business."

City leaders listened and took the matter under advisement. Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo suggested the lounge owner seek a grant to sound proof her building.

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