Rescuers free horse trapped in mud pit

By Michael Slother - email

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - A seven-year-old horse named Blaze escaped from his owner's property early Wednesday morning and ended up in deep trouble. Blaze somehow ended up in five feet of mud. Brian Necaise had no idea what had happened to his horse.

"I got a phone call this morning from the stores asking if I was missing a horse," Necaise said. "Went out and checked my horses, found out I was missing one. So I came here and I knew about where they were talking about, and found him bogged down."

When Necaise found his horse in distress, he called Harrison County Animal Control.

Rescuers worked to calm the animal, but Blaze was struggling and loosing energy trying to escape.

"The risks being involved was putting too much pressure on one particular part of the body of the horse, causing him to go into stress, or actually causing stress to the body or organs," Necaise said.

The mud and muck trapping Blaze also became an obstacle for his rescuers. A track hoe gathered debris to fill part of the soggy area. Traction was needed before the rescue could begin.

Once the machine was in place, chains and straps fastened, the horse could then be hoisted out of the pit.

All rescuers could do was watch, and hope.

Back on solid ground, Blaze seemed to be just fine. His owner was relieved.

"Yeah, I kind of had my thoughts, my disbeliefs or whatever. Thought we might have to put him down, but luckily everything turned out fine," Necaise said.

After the horse was rescued, his owner gave him antibiotics and a good cleaning.

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