Biloxi history documented in new film

By David Elliott - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Old French House on Rue Magnolia in Biloxi was built in 1737 when the French ruled over this corner of the world. In 1964, Mary Mahoney turned the historic structure into a restaurant and lounge.

Mary Mahoney's has been serving coastal cuisine for 45 years. Bobby Mahoney is keeping the family tradition alive.

"When you go out of town and tell people you're from Biloxi, they say, 'I've been to Mary Mahoney's,'" Mahoney said.

Mahoney hired filmmaker Justin Pearce to produce a video titled "Mary Mahoney's: Then and Now." It tells the story of the Mahoney family's long history in the restaurant business.

Bobby Mahoney wanted to make sure the history of Mary Mahoney's Old French House restaurant was preserved.

"You need to document these stories so they don't get swept away," Mahoney said as he sat under the 2,000 year old oak tree that is the centerpiece of the restaurant's beautiful courtyard.

Mahoney sells and gives away copies of the film to visitors. Learn more at

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