Portofino Vote Postponed Again

The long awaited vote on the Portonfino condominium project was supposed to come Tuesday night at the Biloxi city council meeting. But, yet again, it was postponed, and this time it was done at the developer's request.

Ben Favre has said he wants to build two 13 story condo towers where the Slippery Sam's water park now sits. But Favre has made a slight change in those plans, and he wants council to have time to look over the new proposal.

"We believe that reducing the height by 22 feet is appropriate," Favre told WLOX News.

Only the south tower will lose 22 feet, that's about two or three stories. Favre says it is a cautionary move, to make sure there is no possibility the south tower is in Keesler's flight pattern. The current base commander and two prior commanders have all said Portofino is not in Keesler's flight pattern, but Favre is worried about earlier published reports that it is.

"Yes, I am very worried, because the newspaper headline that the tower is in the path of the main runway at Keesler is not true," Favre said.

Fourth district congressman Gene Taylor has also expressed his concern about Portofino impacting Keesler's mission. Favre says although he has not spoken with the congressman, he believes Taylor was basing that comment on false information.

"He read an erroneous headline, which caused him to have great concern. I think when the facts come out, he will have to review the information he has at his disposal," Favre said.

Favre admits, he is gravely concerned about how the council will vote on his project. If the vote is no, Favre says that's the end of the fight.