DMR seeks permission to move derelict boats from canal

By WLOX Staff

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Those sinking shrimp boats in Gulfport's industrial canal may finally be moving soon. The Department of Marine Resources filed court papers Thursday asking for permission to untie the derelict vessels and remove them from the canal.

DMR agents say the sinking boats are a threat to water traffic, and to the environment.

The boats have been tied to the southern bank of the industrial seaway since just before Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005. For almost four years, yachts and barges have navigated past Ole Faithful and Nuthin' Fancy.

As long as the shrimp boats remained upright and out of the shipping channel, the DMR had no authority to move them. But about two months ago, they began sinking.

Once a vessel sinks below the mean high tide line, it can be considered derelict and abandoned.

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