Repeat Drug Offenders Frustrate Agents

Danny and Cathy Hill, and their son Joe Curet are no strangers to Hancock County drug agents.

"They've been in trouble before. We took three of 'em into custody in July in a drug roundup," Sheriff Steve Garber says.

After posting bond, all three were released from jail. Six months later, they face more drug charges; possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Acting on a tip, officers found guns, drugs and cash inside their Shoreline Park home. Sheriff Garber would like to see the Hill's and their son stay in jail this time.

The sheriff says, "We're tryin' to go through the DA's office and go to the judge to revoke the bond so we can lock the three up without bond."

The district attorney says because those charges haven't yet been resolved, the law allows a new bond to be set on the latest charges.

"There's not yet been an indictment and so we now have to file a motion to set aside their bond, to revoke their bond on the first charge and when that's done, they'll go to jail," says Cono Caranna.

Garber says they feel the same frustration every time they make a drug sweep, and the suspects post bond only to commit more crimes.