Keesler protecting America in cyberspace

By David Elliott - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's a frightening scenario. Terrorists or a rouge nation launches an attack on America's communication networks. Telephones, satellites, the Internet and the country's military defense systems are paralyzed.

The Pentagon recognizes how devastating this would be to our national security, so they're beefing up the Air Force's cyber command.

The Air Force has selected Keesler Air Force Base for a high tech cyberspace training unit.

"These students are our first generation of cyber Airman," Col. Lynn Connett said.

Connett is commander of the 81st training group at Keesler.

The Air Force's cyber command is located in Texas. Beginning in 2010 students, officers and civilians will be trained at Keesler to protect America's military and civilian assets in cyberspace.

"It's a domain we need to deter, defend and protect," Col. Connett said.

An expected 615 students, and at least 60 instructors will be part of the program at Keesler's training center when it starts next year.

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