Scenic Wolf River remains healthy and popular

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It is one of the most picturesque waterways in Mississippi. The Wolf River is also a popular recreation destination for paddling, fishing and camping.

The waters of the Wolf River provide an escape from the South Mississippi heat for visitors from Illinois.

"It sounds like fun, because it's so hot here. So, it will be nice to be in the cool water. Although the water's probably not cool," said Heather Dobnick, as she prepared for a family canoe trip down the Wolf.

"It's fun just to be outside with friends and family. And we like the nature here, so it's a good time," said her daughter, Caitlyn.

"There's more than eight hours of paddling, even in this short trip," explained Joe Feil, the owner and operator of Wolf River Canoe.

He's been introducing visitors and locals to his favorite waterway for more than 25 years.

"The Wolf River, in my experience, could be the prettiest stream in the state of Mississippi," said Feil.

Take a trip down this river and you'll discover just what he means.   It has become a favorite getaway for a weekend camping trip or just an afternoon boat ride.

"It's a beautiful stream. And it's clean. We've been studying the river for 16 years now, so we know it's a good clean stream. And people have a lot of fun," said Feil.

Along with various recreational opportunities, the Wolf River also delivers for those seeking solitude and a serene escape from a busy world.

"I have people out here today that will canoe all day, and they will probably never see another human being," said Feil.

"It's fun. It's very clean compared to other rivers around here. It reminds me of the gulf coast. It's clean. A lot of people who live on the Wolf are nice. It's very scenic," said Logan Walker, who helps run the canoe rental business.

Those who love this river are intent on preserving it for future generations.

"The Wolf River Conservation Society has done a tremendous job in protecting the Wolf River. Basically, with just a couple of exceptions, the river is protected now in perpetuity from Highway 53 to I-10," said Feil.

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