Neighbor says Porteaux Bay doesn't feel like home anymore

By Brad Kessie - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Porteaux Bay neighbors want to feel comfortable in their homes again.  Many of them have rebuilt their hurricane damaged properties.  Now, they want somebody to tell derelict property owners in west Jackson County to clean up their mess.

There are a handful of Porteaux Bay neighbors who say their community just hasn't recovered the way they expected.  They admit their subdivision looks so much better than it did after Katrina.  However, they still see storm scars.  And that worries them.  Plus, drainage ditches that run through the subdivision are clogged, meaning homes could flood again.  And that worries them, too.

Sue Vaughan says she feels like her community off Lemoyne Boulevard has lost some of its charm.

"People not taking care of their property," she said while edging her lawn.  "They just don't keep it up.  It's not like it used to be."

Porteaux Bay sits just north of the back bay, near the Jackson/Harrison County line.  During Katrina, its homes got swamped by unmerciful flood waters.  Since the storm, Treva Goff says something has changed here.

"It's like nobody cares anymore.  We've become a dumping ground," she thought.

Goff and several of her neighbors are upset that the golf course nestled against the back bay has become an overgrown weed field.  And they're angered that lingering storm slabs, and for sale signs have devalued their Porteaux Bay homes.

"They're just stagnant, or they've decreased," she said, referring to the property values she's heard about recently.

Goff recently joined the Porteaux Bay Neighborhood Association.  And she's filled out the Jackson County Planning Department's violation complaint forms.  She was going to a meeting Wednesday night, hopeful the county would listen to the group's recommendations, remove the blight, and restore the community's pride.

The supervisor for Porteaux Bay is Tommy Brodnax.  He's aware of the property association's concerns about drainage issues.  And he says the county is going to do its part to help enforce zoning rules.  But because so many areas of Jackson County still need assistance, Brodnax says Porteaux Bay must wait its turn.

That may be a problem for neighbors like Treva Goff, because they're running out of patience.

"We just don't have that excitement here.  Everybody just seemed to just leave," she said.

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