Welcome back Governors

It's a big deal that the National Governor's Association will be meeting in Biloxi for the next several days. The last time the nation's governors met in Mississippi was back in 1935, right here in Biloxi. This week's meeting will be a chance for the governors to see the progress our area has made since Hurricane Katrina. It will be a chance to show our visitors that the Mississippi Gulf Coast is indeed ready to host tourists and business leaders along our beautiful shore line.

Back in 1935 the governors discussed how a nationwide road construction project might help lead the country out of the great depression. Forward to 2009 and the governors again will be discussing how spending on roads and infrastructure may help us out of the current economic recession.

We hope the governors will tackle the issue of affordable insurance for residents in hurricane prone areas. No doubt affordable insurance is still the biggest obstacle for many people to be able to rebuild on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Some sort of nationwide catastrophe insurance like that proposed by Congressman Gene Taylor is worthy of their discussion.

Finally we hope the governors and their staff will find the hospitality in 2009 will be just as good as it was reported to be back in 1935. If history repeats itself, we only get this chance about every 74 years to show the rest of the country what the Mississippi Gulf Coast has to offer.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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