Gautier Police Department cracking down

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Rain or shine, expect to see patrolmen like Jonathan Whitfield on Gautier streets.

"Just being here makes people slow down," Whitfield said while patrolling Highway 90.

If a Gautier police officer believes you are breaking the law, you can expect to see him face to face.

"We're going to act on whatever they have to," Williams said. "If speeding is a problem, they're going to deal with speeding, if littering is a problem, they're going to deal with littering."

Williams' list goes on and on.  In the past, the department was stretched thin, with five patrolmen on the streets at a time, rushing from call to call.  The department recently got two new motorcycles, increasing patrol shifts to seven officers.

"We kind of leveling out," Williams said.  "Manpower is up now."

Williams said technology in patrol cars is also improving.

"We've got about half our mobile units - our cars have radars and in-car cameras on them now," Williams said.  "We're working to get the rest of the fleet outfitted."

Williams said the increase in resources is part of a long-term push to improve patrols.

"We're going to keep going on, we're going to go every day," Williams said.  "And we get what we can get, and the next year we'll ask for some more.  And we'll keep going until we level out where we need to be."

Officers say Gautier residents can expect to see more of the Gautier Police Department now than ever before.

"More proactive towards patrolling our neighborhoods, making sure people's property are safe when they're at work," Whitfield listed.  "Making sure teenagers out here are driving correctly."

Williams said it's just another way the police department is working to make Gautier a safe place to live.

"They're going to do crime, they're going to have to go somewhere else," Williams said.

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