Singing River Electric helps light up Guatemala villages

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - Ricky Brockway is packing up all his electrical equipment so he can head to Guatemala to lend a helping hand. He's a little nervous, but looking forward to the experience.

"I am looking forward to the food and what they eat over there, and the temperatures are going to be great," Brockway said.

Brockway will be traveling with five other experienced linemen from Singing River Electric to provide electrical service to 100 families in the country. The group said it's a luxury that the Guatemalans have never experienced before.

"It's in a little place, I assume it's little, called Jalapa," Lineman Ronnie Cooley said. "It will help improve their lives. They'll have storage for food, and not just air conditioner, but being able to have lights at night."

Cooley is the leader of the team and said his men will also teach the locals handy electrical skills, including how to build their own power lines.

"The main thing with electricity is safety at all times, and how to handle it, and the best way handle it."

As a gift, the linemen are donating $3,000 worth of equipment to the town's utility workers so they can light up other villages.

"You help your fellow man, whether he is in United States or across the border. That is my philosophy," Cooley said.

It's a philosophy General Manager Lee Hedegaard said he will also promote to other employees at Singing River Electric.

"This is another opportunity for them to give back. It is almost like a mission trip. That's what it is, a mission trip."

The Singing River Electric crew will leave from Lucedale Saturday morning and stay in Guatemala for 15 days.

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