Fire Near New Federal Courthouse

A fire destroyed an apartment in Gulfport Sunday. Shortly after 4:30 the Gulfport fire department responded to Building 3, Apartment 12, in the Waters Mark apartment complex.

Gulfport fire chief Pat Sullivan says that resident Nicolette Stubbs, put a pot of food on the stove, laid down in the living room, and fell asleep. The fire spread quickly throughout the apartment, and to three adjacent apartments.

Stubbs was able to get out, unharmed.

Sullivan says you always need to be thinking about fire safety.

"We had a near tragedy, and it seems like we've had a several of those over the last couple of weeks, where people have narrowly escaped out of their house, home or apartment. We think we're going to redouble our efforts in talking to residents, people in the city, people on the coast, about fire prevention. You can never take it for granted," Sullivan Said.

Along with Stubbs, all the neighbors were able to get out safely.