Going green by building blue

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Going green by building blue, it's called bluwood. It's an environmentally-friendly wood that's blue.

"It works like say, gortex, for wood. It completely encapsulates the wood on all 6 sides, and it's porous. So it allows the wood to breathe," says Paula Coker, Edgefield Lumber Company.

A non-toxic, environmentally-friendly dye gives the wood its color. Rudy Letellier decided to build his entire home with the wood after learning it's mold, decay, fungus and termite resistant. He had major problems with termites in his old home Hurricane Katrina destroyed.

"We didn't want to run into that problem again; that's why we got the bluwood,"says Letellier.

Coker says Bluwood usually adds 2% to the total cost of construction.

"It's affordable. There is an affordable way to do it; that's what we really want to stress," says Coker.

Latellier said it was important for him to build back smart. His mother will be living in the home with him, and he would like to make it the family home.

"My family, my mother, her brother and sister lived on this property and were born on this property," says Letellier.

Coker says Edgefield is also working with Habitat for Humanity to help them incorporate bluwood into their homes.

"Habitat's been a great source for us. We've been happy to be involved, and we actually have a home in Baldwin County that will be dedicated this month," says Letellier.

Letellier's home will be ready around December. He says bluwood is one investment he's glad he decided to make.

"Do your homework and build smart."

Coker says check with your local lumber store for bluwood. She says it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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