Missing Man's Body Found

Searchers in Vancleave found the body of a Thomas Davis in Poticaw Bayou Friday afternoon.

The 51 year old was last seen New Year's Day fishing from a skiff. Sheriff Mike Byrd said a strong current spun the boat around about 150 feet before it slammed into a nearby boathouse. The impact threw Davis out of the boat. He did not know how to swim and was not wearing a lifejacket, Byrd said.

"Witnesses said they saw his head go under water two times and he never came back above water after that,'' Byrd said.

Jackson County rescuers dragged the Poticaw Bayou for three days looking for the man's body. Divers were not allowed in the bayou because of the strong current.

Poticaw Bayou is about a mile long and is located in northern Jackson County in the Poticaw Landing community of about 30 people.

Woody McMillen, former game warden for the Poticaw Bayou area, said the current often is strong and too dangerous for even the best swimmers.