Edgewater Deal Looks Good This Time

This time next year, you may see some houses being built where the old Edgewater Bay golf course now sits. Thursday afternoon, the Biloxi Planning Commission, gave its unanimous approval for a Biloxi developer to turn the old golf course into a housing development.

The controversy about what would happen to that valuable piece of property has been going on for more than two years now. Finally, it looks like a deal has been reached that's agreeable to everyone.

Residents have been very outspoken about how they did not like the latest plans from the Hartley Vey group. They say, among other things, it did not include building a separate road into the property. Just a few weeks ago, Hartley Vey, backed away from the deal.

That's when Biloxi developer W.C. Fore, the largest private property owner in Biloxi, decided his company would buy and develop the land. His attorney is Britt Singletary.

''When we took on this project, we decided we have to do this as friendly as it can possibly be done. So we asked for no variances, upset nobody about their streets, come into it with the idea we would build exactly as city code permits," Singletary said.

The latest proposal includes fewer homes and larger lots than what the earlier developers proposed. The other plan included condominiums, this one does not. WC Fore will also build a separate road into the property. Something the residents desperately wanted.

''Through the years, the development proposals have been unsatisfactory to the residents," Homeowners Assocation President Leo Burton said.

But Burton feels this proposal is a good one.

"We are happy with what they are talking about now," added Burton.

At the Planning Commission meeting, no residents spoke against the plan. Several spoke in favor of it.

W.C. Fore has a long history developing subdivivisions, on the Coast, their recent work includes Le Bonne Terre in Biloxi.

The road they will build into the complex will be almost exactly where the entrance to the old golf course now sits. WC Fore hopes to begin building the infrastructure for the development very soon.

The proposal will still need the approval of the city council, but if the Planning Commission vote is any indication, that should not be a problem.