Biloxi Students Make Up Hurricane Days

A basketball sat in a soggy field outside Beauvoir Elementary School. The puddles were reminiscent of the fall quagmire that temporarily shutdown Biloxi schools.

Now, one day after New Year's, Terri Zandee's entire third grade class showed up for school to make up one of Biloxi's final three hurricane days. "I was ready to come back," the teacher said. "We were all ready to come back, since we're all here."

Not everybody was thrilled with being in school on January second. Principal Susan Brand still had Sugar Bowl house guests. "It would have helped to be home a few more days," Brand said. "But we're glad to get the routine started. We'll be okay."

The principal took us to Mrs. Simpson's fifth grade classroom. It had six empty desks. The students who did show up got to be on TV. A girl said she was glad to be back in school, "so that I can learn and see all my teachers and friends." Next to her was a boy who said being at home would be more fun, "and also because we have new toys."

The toys must wait until Sunday. That's right -- Sunday. Friday and Saturday will be Biloxi's last two hurricane makeup days. Terri Zandee said, "We'll be here." Then she paused and said, "I'll be here." She was then asked if she'd have perfect attendance again on a rare weekend school day. "I hope so," she said.