Coast Family Welcomes Baby New Year

Emma Lucia Mendizabel, The coast's "Baby New Year" for 2003.
Emma Lucia Mendizabel, The coast's "Baby New Year" for 2003.

As the new year rolled in, so did baby Emma.

"This is Emma - Emma Lucia, and she weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces. And she measured 19 inches and three-quarters, and she's a healthy baby," said mother Ligia Mendizabel.

Emma was actually due January 21, but she decided to surprise everyone. After 12 hours of labor, she made her debut at 12:01.

"Actually, I was having contractions at the beginning of December, and they had to stop the pain. Then, you know, my water broke and I had to have it," said Ligia Mendizabel.

"The only thing we were missing was the champagne, but it was fun," said Dr. Jorge Mendizabel, an area neurologist.

The most fun was probably had by Katia, baby Emma's 7-year-old big sister.

"She's really pretty and really great," said Katia Mendizabel.

You see, Katia was the only girl in the midst of two younger brothers at home, which can be tough on a girl.

"My littlest brother, that's Pablo, he's four years old. When he comes home, he goes to the refrigerator and gets some yogurt and sit on the couch and watch TV like a pig," said Katia.

So now, baby Emma will help bring her big sister a little relief.

Katia even thought of the name of her new little sister- which isn't surprising. She's a pro at the name game.

"I picked the second boy, I picked my dog's name and I think I picked out my cat's name," revealed Katia.

And baby Emma couldn't have picked a better family to begin her new life.

"We have a lot of expectations for her I guess. Like I said it wasn't planned. We're just happy to have her," said Dr. Jorge Mendizabel.

So, happy birthday baby Emma, and many happy new years to come.

Besides her parents and big sister Katia, baby Emma will soon join her two older brothers- four year old Pablo, and 21-month old Santiago.