Senator Lott Meets With Constituents

"I am still your senator. I will work everyday to gain and regain your confidence and support," said Senator Trent Lott.

More than 3,000 people showed up Monday night to shake hands with Senator Lott and his wife, proving that his support is still as strong as ever.

"This is a great commitment on the part of the people to our Senator," said Terry Carter with the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

"This is a phenomenal number of people here tonight. And I think it just shows everybody's desire to come and support Senator Lott," said Mark Cumbest, Chairman of Lott's Campaign in Jackson County.

Residents came for different reasons. Some came to meet him for the first time, others to seek closure, and still others to offer forgiveness and encouragement.

"I would like to find out what he plans to do from this point forward to make the wrongs right in Mississippi," Gautier resident Brad Asbury said.

One man whose support for Trent Lott means a lot is Charles Evers, brother to slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

"He made a stupid mistake, stupid statement. No one liked it, he didn't like it. He said it was wrong and asked for forgiveness. I forgive him."

Evers said those around the nation, and in Washington, who may call Trent Lott a racist are speaking out of ignorance.

"They don't know Trent Lott. Trent Lott is no more racist than New Yorkers are. We all are racist at some point," Evers said.

With the show of people Monday night, supporters say 2003 is looking good for Senator Lott.

"I think his future is very, very bright," Cumbest said.