Gautier Chemistry camp mixes fun and learning for kids

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Inside the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College lab, young campers are testing different chemicals in fire.  At the next two tables, they're turning hot liquid into foam and making gooey slime. Besides being fun, all these experiments deal with Chemistry.

Abby Carmichael said she's intrigued that the science applies to just about everything in life.

"Chemistry is for everyone. It's not just nerds with big puffy hair like Einstein, with glasses and white lab coats," Carmichael said.

Camp Instructor Teresa Dixon said during this week long course, her teachers break down complicated chemistry concepts into more understandable and interesting lessons for the campers.

"They are not sitting and listening. We don't make them concentrate on learning anything, it's just about the hands on, fun activities. It is about having fun activities, but they do learn accidentally by doing activities," Dixon said about the summer program. "After they have done this camp, hopefully then they see this is Chemistry, this is fun."

And the camp seems to be doing just that. Camper Ron Bush, Jr. said he wants to major in science once he gets to college.

"I am hoping to leave here with a greater understanding of different elements in the world so it can help me with my career in the future."

Dixon said Friday the campers will take a tour of the First Chemical Plant in Pascagoula.

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