"TEA party" rally hits Bay St. Louis

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The "TEA Party" that moved many in this country to action continued this Independence Day. Back in April, hundreds of thousands of Americans in more than 2,000 cities held "TEA" or "Taxed Enough Already" rallies in protest of what they call over-taxation by government. So, for the Fourth of July, some people decided it was time to keep up the pressure.

Anyone who had something to say was welcome to speak at a rally in front of Bay St. Louis City Hall. The biggest complaint was the federal government's out of control spending.

"The reason for the rally today is to call attention and let the American people know what is really going on behind the scenes," said Wade Hicks, a protestor. "It's time now to start accountability from our elected officials. They need to stop being politicians and start doing their job which is serving the public. "

Coast residents gathered to show that they are fed up with the government taking so much of what they earn.

Van Howard said, "We just would like to send a message to Congress and our president that we're tired of being taxed. Enough is enough. We're hard working citizens. We do things right, and it seems as though you just take it and take it and take it. And now we're tired of it being taken."

There were about 60 people in the crowd. They said they hoped their Independence Day rally motivates others to get involved in the movement.

Shawn Huguet said, "I'm hoping that a lot of people will get involved. We need to take back our country from the government."

"They do things from their own agenda. They don't listen to the people. The spending, immigration, the taking away of our rights. We need to stand up for those things, " said Huguet.

"But a lot of people have fallen out of touch with exactly what they're celebrating on the Fourth of July," said Hicks. "Right now, on the Fourth of July, we're celebrating our right under the first amendment of the constitution to peacefully assemble and talk about demanding a redress of grievances from our government."

The American Family Association was part of the push for today's multiple TEA party rallies. The organization says Washington-elected officials are leading the country down a path of heavy debt.

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