More drug arrests in Jackson County "Moon Burn" Sting

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX)- Jackson County's undercover drug roundup continues.  Since last month authorities said they've netted dozens more suspected dealers and seized tons of drugs.

"These are the folks, they prey on the innocent and society," Narcotics Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers said.

Spiers said most of these suspects arrested are street level drug dealers, and they're charged with multiple counts of dealing everything from crack cocaine to methamphetamine.

"We have managed to arrest 83, and 75 of those being a part of that original 118. There was another additional eight defendants picked up along the way."

Spiers couldn't give the exact amount of drugs Operation Moon Burn has taken off the streets, but says it's significant.

"You are talking about Cocaine, we were buying $40 at a time, typically which $40 will get you four tenths of a gram, so it adds up quickly."

The Task Force calls the drug bust a success so far because its targeted drug havens, cleaned them up, and turned them into safe communities again.

"I have been told by law enforcement in some of the areas in Jackson County that they have had a low call volume now because a lot of drug dealers are hiding in doors now," Spiers said.

The round up is far from over; Spiers said investigators are still looking for 43 dealers to arrest them.  He said they have to be found because they're infesting communities.

"These people are predators. They are looking for whoever they can to apply their trade for that lure of quick easy money, and they don't care about the consequences," Spiers said. "The goal at the end of the day is to make the streets safer in Jackson. County"

Commander Spiers said 90 percent of the drug deals took place near schools, churches, daycares and ball fields, which carries a stiffer fine and more jail time.  He is encouraging citizens who see drug sells in their neighborhoods to report the activity to their local police department.

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