Tennessee Woman Hits It Big At Coast Casino

The game is called Wheel of Fortune.

Now, it may look like a rotating wheel of simple colors and lights, but this is the wheel that spun a little extra joy into Jane Thornbury's vacation.

"I was playing a machine and I hit for $250, and I thought OK I need to get off of this and it ran out of money . So while they were filling the hopper up I went to play another machine and it wouldn't play. So I went over to this other machine that I really wasn't gonna play and about the fourth or fifth time, it hit the jackpot," said winner Jane Thornbury.

"I was on the other side and I looked over and she had done the big one," said husband Steve Thornbury.

The big one to say the least - try $9.9 million.

"I couldn't believe it. I started crying and called my son," said Steve Thornbury.

Mary Cracchiolo/Beau Rivage) "We've had several winners in the past, Wheel of Fortune winners, but this is the largest jackpot. 9.9 million is the largest jackpot we've had in Wheel of Fortune here at Beau Rivage," said Beau Rivage public relations manager Mary Cracchiolo.

We asked Jane what will she do with the money now that she's a millionaire.

"I have no idea. But there has to be a reason for this, so I've got to figure it out," said Jane Thornbury.

And if Jane ever needs a little help figuring it out, long lost friends and family will most likely come out of the woodwork to offer assistance.

Jane and her husband Steve own a family-run plumbing company in Arlington, Tennessee.