Strays Finding Homes

We have an update to a story about stray animal adoptions.

Christmas Eve we reported that some 40 dogs and cats were in need of good homes. A program to provide free medical care for the animals has run out of money. Those cats and dogs not adopted will be put to sleep.

Response to the story has been heart warming. So far, nearly half the animals have been adopted. With a Monday deadline looming, caregiver Johnny Ryan is hoping the rest of his four legged friends will also find loving homes.

"He's good to go. He's a good baby. Yes sir," said Johnny Ryan as he handed a black kitten to its new owner.

Rachel Vogle planned on adopting a dog, but fell in love with a cat instead. She saw our story Christmas Eve and wanted to save an animal. The cute black cat will join several other pets at her home in Saucier.

"I don't know what I'm going to name it or anything yet. We're going to take it and give it a good home. And love it," she said.

Other dogs and cats await their adoption calls. Johnny Ryan would love to find homes for each one. He spent Christmas Day at the kennel, matching dogs and cats with new families.

"We've had a tremendous response. Christmas Day I adopted out 14 animals. Two today. So, that's a total of 16 out of thirty something, which is a fantastic response I feel. Especially during the holidays," said Ryan.

Visitors quickly grow attached to these former strays. All they need is a second chance. Dr. Nan Saye dreamed of a foundation to keep them healthy until they could be adopted. Lack of money ended that dream and left the animals longing for a home.

"They're all good natured. None of them are mean at all. And they've been taken care of, some as much as up to a year. They're good natured and they make good pets. They really do," Ryan said.

There's no charge to adopt any of the animals. And time is running out. The boarding kennel will be shutdown early next week.

If you'd like to adopt a dog or cat, call Johnny Ryan. The numbers are 861-8166 or 435-8811.