Mississippi needs to be healthier

For the 5th straight year our state has been ranked as having the most obese people in the country. Statistics show that 32.5 percent of adults are obese and 44 percent of our children are as well. The stats show a new trend this year that is alarming. People between the ages of 54 to 65 are more overweight than those beyond 65.

Health officials are concerned that as Mississippians age we will have more and more individuals with medical issues that could be prevented. If only, they weren't obese. This latest report comes out at the same time when our state is having problems funding the medicaid program where one in four Mississippians get some type of medical care paid with state and federal dollars.

So how did we get so unhealthy? No doubt we all like our southern, fried food and exercise falls by the wayside for many. If Mississippi is ever going to become a healthy state, then each one of us needs to take some personal responsibility.

We need to make sure we are eating the right types of food, that they are prepared in a healthy manner and that we are exercising. We have two choices, we can do nothing and continue to be obese and unhealthy. Or, we as individuals and communities can work on ways to shed those pounds and be healthier.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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