Extend boardwalk further

If you drive along the beach road in Harrison County you have seen the new boardwalk being built. There are a number of areas where the construction is now underway. When done, the boardwalk will stretch along eight miles of the beach.

This time the boardwalk is concrete instead of the wooden boards we had before Hurricane Katrina. The hope is the concrete will require less maintenance and survive most storms that come our way.

No doubt hundreds if not thousands of South Mississippi Residents along with visitors will walk, bike and run along the shore line when the boardwalk is finished. Not many places can boast of having a boardwalk for miles along a beautiful coastline.

We have already seen how our two new bridges have allowed local residents to exercise and enjoy the salt air at the same time. We believe these new sections of boardwalk will only enhance what the bridges offer.

Our only hope is that the Harrison County Board of Supervisors and the cities along the beach will find ways to fund the building of a boardwalk for the remaining 16 miles. In these tight economic times it may be tough, but a plan needs to be developed to have a boardwalk the entire length of the beach. No doubt if we build it,residents and tourists will surely use it.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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