Man Grateful Deputies Didn't Kill Wife

Comer Rivers says his wife Nina is a happy, loving woman who suffers from a mental disorder. He says on Christmas Eve his wife drank some wine and then went into a violent rage. Rivers says she went into a bedroom, got a gun and pointed it at her husband.

"All of a sudden I heard a click and I recognized it was the click of a hammer of a gun and I looked up and it was right here. She had both hands on it just like this and I knew the hammer was clicked back."

Rivers managed to get out of the house and call for help. When deputies arrived, Mrs. Rivers met them with a loaded 38 and began firing at one of the deputies. The deputy fired back.

"He could have killed her instantly. He was within ten feet of her. He could have shot her right through the chest but I thank him so much for not doin' it. I mean he chose to shoot her in a lower part instead of shootin' her through the vital part. I'll thank him for the rest of my life for not killin' my wife."

Law enforcement officials say these kind of situations happen more during the holidays than any other time. They say holidays stress people out, they drink more and they fight more with their families often resulting in the police getting involved.

Tuesday's shooting was the fourth involving police since Thanksgiving. Patrol officers say the holidays cause emotions to run higher than usual.

"Domestic violence situations are always the scariest to be involved with anyway just because of the emotional state people are in. By the time we get on the scene people aren't thinking rationally. A lot of times they're angry that a third party is gettin' involved in their problems especially around the holidays," Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Kelly said.

53-year old Nina Rivers is in recovering from three gunshot wounds.  The Mississippi Highway Patrol and the district attorney are investigating since an officer was involved.  The officer is on administrative leave with pay pending a grand jury review.