Augustine Scott praised as "remarkable leader" at dedication in Gaston Point

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS  (WLOX) - Gulfport celebrated the life of a community leader Tuesday with the dedication of a learning center.

A new addition to the Gaston Point community center will bear the name of someone who was committed to caring for others.

Augustine Scott was remembered as a person devoted to improving the lives of children and senior citizens.

The 70 year old, who passed away earlier this year, leaves behind a legacy of community action and commitment.

"This is occasion to be joyful, occasion to celebrate, occasion to rejoice. Amen? And that's what we're here today for in honor of Sister Scott," said Rev. James Beal of Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church, as he opened the celebration and recognition ceremony.

Friends and family of Augustine Scott filled the new West Gulfport Civic Club Learning Center to dedicate the facility in her honor.

The woman described as a "remarkable leader" devoted herself to helping enhance the lives of people in Gaston Point.

The mayor praised her spirit of hospitality.

"Whether it was somebody just coming in to get out of the heat and get a cool drink of water, or play ball, she made them feel important. She made them feel welcome and she made them feel at home. And that's I think a gift. Not everybody has that gift. But she absolutely had it," said the Mayor.

Many attending the celebration are related to Augustine Scott, who was one of 16 children in her family.

Many others outside the family are indebted to her service.

"My friend. My mentor. And she was just everything to me: Mother, father, sister, brother. I could go to Miss Scott and talk about anything," said Jimmie Jenkins, former city councilman and leader of the West Gulfport Civic Club.

"To the seniors and to the children. Mother loved you most. Mother loved you most. You were her heartbeat. And sometime we would get jealous and say, why is she doing so much for them when she don't do that for us?  She would just go all out. She loved you. So, I pray you will not disappoint her," said Patricia Silva, a daughter of the woman being memorialized.

A granddaughter sang a touching song in honor of Miss Augustine.

"I'm going to miss you, grandmother.  I'm going to miss you, grandmother," sang Kalibra Edwards.

Mayor Warr helped unveil the plaque that bears the name of Augustine Scott.

"Let the young people, adults and everyone in this community know that Sister Augustine Scott gave her heart, body and soul to this community," said Pastor Beal.

Augustine Scott launched the first tutorial program for children in Gaston Point.  She was also instrumental in many other initiatives aimed at helping children and senior citizens.

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