Work Progressing On Beach Boardwalk

GULFPORT, MS. (WLOX) - December of this year is the target completion date for the new boardwalk in Harrison County. The boarwalk is being built at a cost of nearly 10-million dollars, with it being paid for entirely by the federal government.

Sand Beach director Bobby Weaver is overseeing the project for the county.

"Sometimes, I drive down and look at those long stretches, and it is just a nice view," Weaver told WLOX news.

When Weaver talks about the beach boardwalk, you sense the pride in his voice.

" I think it is something that can be looked back on over the years and say, that was a well thought out project."

Work is about 60 percent complete now.

This boardwalk is very different than what Harrison County has had in the past.

" I am extremely pleased that we were able to go the concrete version," Weaver said.

The old boardwalk was built was timber, Katrina, ripped it to shreds.

Now, with concrete, Weaver is convinced, that will not happen again.

"it is a very formidable structure that is out there, the seawall withstood many hurricanes and this is basically built to seawall standards," Weaver pointed out.

The actual work started last summer, and although Harrison County has about 24 miles of beachfront, the boardwalk will cover only about 8 miles.

Weaver says that is because of the government regulations. "Under the FEMA regulations, you can only repair what we had in place and that is all we had at the time of Katrina."

Work will not start in heavy tourist areas, until September, but Boby Weaver remains optimistic it will be finished by the target date of the end of this year.

By Jeff Lawson

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