Small town Hurley sees big growth

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

HURLEY , MS (WLOX)- As the temperatures rise in Hurley, dozens of kids can cool down on a new splash pad.  The water system is a newest addition to the town's park.

Parent Donna Golson is happy about it because she said a few years ago the quality of life was almost non-existent.

"It is great. You don't have to drive 30 minutes or 45 minuets to take your kids to splash pad anymore. This is two minutes down the street and we are here," Golson said about the convenience of the new splash pad.

A few minutes away, Hurley's downtown district is now booming. Lotta Burger just set up shop here in February to get a piece of the action.

"It gives people a lot to choose from, especially food wise. I think it will help the community overall," Business Owner Waylon Dixon said.

The community also has two banks that just moved in; there's a pharmacy, a doctor's office sprouting up and some new subdivisions around town.

"It has been growing," Supervisor Manly Barton said.

Manly Barton is the supervisor for this area that's north of the interstate in Jackson County.  Within the last four years, Barton said he's seen more than a 20 percent growth in the population.  He also points out that about six new businesses have opened.

"There is a element that people are continuing to move up here, because they are trying to get away form the water and in a way trying to get away from higher insurance cost.

He said more growth means more cash being spent in the town.

"Certainly more tax base, and it is beneficial to the Hurley Community because it adds amenities," Barton said.

Several citizens admit they're a little worried the small town charm might get lost in all this development, but not Donna Golson.  The native said she welcomes the change.

"I know some people are kind of hesitant about the growth, but I think it is a good thing," Golson said. "It still has a small town feel."

Since Katrina,  county officials have invested more than $200,000 in the community to help improve the quality of life.

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