Golf courses battling hot and dry weather

OCEAN SPRINGS MS. (WLOX) - Russ Bloom, Director of Golf at the Oaks in Pass Christian says he's having to use a million gallons of water a day to keep his course from drying up. Sprinkler systems at courses around South Mississippi are working overtime. Water means everything to a golf course" says Jimmy Fayard from Gulf Hills Golf Course in Ocean Springs.

Gulf hills just completed an ambitious project to update their irrigation system "It was good timing this year" says Fayard.

While homeowners are fighting to keep their lawns green this summer, imagine what it's like taking care of over 100 acres. "It's a constant battle" says Fayard. While irrigation systems are necessary in the golf business there's nothing quite like mother natures assistance when it comes to beating the heat providing precious water. Jimmy Fayard jokes  "We're like a bunch of kids when it clouds up. We get very excited"

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