"Grinch" Tries To Steal Christmas At Local Homeless Shelter

As Christians across South Mississippi prepared to celebrate the birth of Christ, a local minister got some unwelcome news. Reverend Al Wallace pastors the Seashore Mission Church in Biloxi. On Christmas Eve morning he got a call that thieves had broken in overnight. For more than 10 years, the church has been helping people in need especially the homeless. People go there for free meals, to wash clothes, or just to take a shower. So in a way it was those people who were burglarized.

On Monday night thieves broke a window, kicked in a door, and then made off with a television and a VCR. Some people in pews became enraged when they heard that someone had violated God's house.

"There is a little anger here that has surfaced in the people when I announced it to them," said Wallace.

Forgiveness, Reverend Wallace told them means putting those bitter feelings aside.

"As we celebrate Jesus and we remember that he is Emmanuel or 'God With Us'. How can God be with us when we can still treasure animosity in our hearts," said Wallace.

Wallace told the congregation to pray that God would touch the hearts of those who'd wronged them. He says the building that houses the mission is old and in disrepair. He can no longer use one office because the roof is leaking so badly. Wallace recently took the burglars bars off in hopes of renovating the room. Then thieves seized that opportunity to break in. Reverend Wallace says he is looking for volunteers to help do the repairs. If you would like to help please contact the church.