Bomb Scare At Trent Lott's Home

There was a bomb scare Sunday at Senator Trent Lott's house. At about 1:30 Capitol Police called the Pascagoula police department requesting a bomb expert because a suspicious package had been left near the Senator's home.

Jackson County reporter Jennifer Holliman was at the Senators house late Sunday morning.

"I was here earlier to see if the national media was still hanging around. At about the same time, a woman left a package at Senator Lott's Pascagoula home.
The woman, Mary Davis, was not a friend of Senator Lott's leaving a Christmas present, but a resident coming to spread bad holiday sentiments to the Lott family. Pascagoula police thought the white cake box could be a bomb and called a bomb unit out to his home.
After a complete inspection of the box, the police found no traces of any explosive materials. On the box in black marker a note said "Thanks for setting Mississippi back another 50 years.'' On the other side in red ink the special ed teacher wrote "We always knew you were a hypocrite, Trent".
Mary Davis who is from Pascagoula, but now lives in Pennsylvania was questioned but not arrested. Pascagoula police say that Capitol police in Washington could charge Davis with posing a threat.
The box is now being processed for evidence. Luckily it was a fals alarm, but this was quite an eventful day for the Lott family," WLOX news reporter Jennifer Holliman said late Sunday evening. 

About 4:30 Sunday evening Senator Trent Lott came out of his house and spoke to reporters for the first time since resigning as Senate Republican Leader, but did not discuss the bomb scare.

"I don't have anybody to blame but myselft for some ill chosen words and certainly do regret that," Lott said.

"Earlier today in a closed door interiew with the Associated Press, Senator Lott also said that "there were some people in Washington who had been trying to nail him for a long time."

He also said "when you're from Mississippi and you're a conservative and you're a Christian, there are a lot of people who don't like that.''