Summer Exploration program entertains, educates students

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Mrs. Dawn Ezell's second grade class has the yummy challenge of making Smores. She said it's a simple lesson on how to follow directions with a tasty twist.

"They had to tell the steps of making the Smores in order. And then they were able to take their Smores outside, and sit it in the sun for an hour," Ezell said.

Down the hall at Eastlawn Elementary, the fifth grade class is web surfing. The students are looking up information about Biomes and the environment. Ashanta Martin said researching all this information is fascinating.

"We can learn different things about the climate, what animals are there, and what plants are there," Martin said.

These are just a few of the hands on-activities students are involved in during this two week Summer Exploration program.

Ezell said the goal is to make learning exciting, and give kids that extra, educational push.

"Children don't all learn in the same way. Sometimes we do writing worksheets, sometimes we do hands on, sometimes we watch videos, and sometimes we work on Promethium boards and do things that deal with technology."

Ezell feels introducing different objectives in fun ways is always beneficial in summer school, especially when students have spent nine months sitting in a classroom during the regular school year.

"A lot of children aren't able to go on summer vacations, so we try provide fun filled experiences for them," Ezell said. "Whether it be a place that they've never been to or foods that they have never eaten, we do all that for them, so they can feel like they have gone somewhere and done something."

The Pascagoula School District is also sponsoring a Summer Scholars program for advanced learning students.

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