Clean up the coast

As you drive along the Mississippi Gulf Coast one thing you see too much of is trash.

Travel any major road and you will see bottles, cans and paper littering the sides of the road. It's not that our city and county governments don't pick up this unsightly mess. They do, but then hours or days later the trash reappears because someone did not care enough about taking the trash to their home or office.

Recently I have seen a lot of trash come out of the back of trucks. Some of these are work trucks but others just pickups that have loose paper items lying on the floor bed. All of us have to do our part to make sure our beautiful part of the country remains so.

By the way later this summer the Nation's governors are going to have a conference here. A lot of guests will be traveling around the coast to see how we have recovered since Katrina. It would be a shame it their first impression was trash lining our major roadways.

Take a close look at your neighborhood today. Is is ready for company? If not then get residents in your neighborhood to clean up your section of South Mississippi. If all of us would do just a little bit then we will have a clean and litter free area not just when company is coming, but the entire year.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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