Creel Convicted Of Malicious Mischief; Other Charges Dropped

A judge found state representative Jamie Creel guilty of malicious mischief on Wednesday. Judge Eugene Henry then sentenced Creel for breaking two window panes at Cheryl's Bistro back in June.

Creel received six months probation, during which he is not allowed to go anywhere where alcohol is served, except for his job at a local casino. He was also ordered to undergo counseling.

When he arrived at court, Jamie Creel had plenty of support from family and friends. His attorney says he was feeling confident there wasn't enough evidence to support either of the charges against his client.

"I kind of felt pretty strongly that he would be found not guilty of both of them," said attorney Jim Davis.

Davis was half right. The simple assault charge against Creel was thrown out. Although the manager of Cheryl's Bistro testified that back in June Creel hit him in the face with an ashtray, no other witnesses could confirm that.

Judge Henry said he believed Creel did intentionally break out the window panes in the restaurant door and convicted him of malicious mischief. The judge went on to say that of the four times he's seen Creel in his court, all four involved charges related to alcohol.

"I think that the judge even though he tried to put those other events in the past out of his mind, sometimes we're humans," said Davis "I think he possibly had those other events in his mind when he rendered that decision on that malicious mischief charge and we'll see how we turn out on the appeal."

Davis says his client is concerned about how all the trial publicity is affecting his reputation.

"Jamie is concerned. He loves the people of South Mississippi and he wants them to like, and hopefully love, him as much as he cares for them," Davis said.

Creel did not testify at the trial. Judge Eugene Henry ordered Representative Jamie Creel to pay for the damage to the door, as well as fines and court costs.