Ocean Springs Alderman Says He Won't Resign

Some Ocean Springs residents say they'll continue to try to get Alderman Joe Carvin out of office despite the fact there are no laws to help them do so. On Tuesday night they told WLOX news they're circulating a petition and plan to pressure Alderman Joe Carvin until he quits. Several residents got up and asked Carvin to resign during tonight's board meeting. George Conwill, a Ward 4 resident and chief financial officer of the casino where Carvin was accused of stealing, squared off with the alderman.

"You've brought embarrassment to this board. You've humiliated the city. You've brought misery to the citizens of Ward 4," said Conwill."You've brought shame to your own family and it's time to do the right thing. It's time to resign Joe. It's way past time. I'm asking you tonight, are you gonna resign?"

Carvin responded "I believe everyone knows my position. I'll repeat it for you, since you don't know it. I have no intention or taking a leave of absence or resigning from my position."

Some residents at the meeting asked the board of alderman to publicly censure Carvin. Mayor Seren Ainsworth said he didn't know the board could legally do that.