Biloxi Council Tells B&Bs No More Parties

The owner of a Biloxi bed and breakfast says her neighbors, and the city of Biloxi, will not stop her from having parties and weddings on her property. The Biloxi city council voted four to three Tuesday to prohibit B&Bs from holding any type of event. Jennifer Diaz, who owns the Green Oaks Bed and Breakfast on Highway 90, has an alternate plan.

Before the vote came, Diaz told a packed council chamber, she is not a happy lady right now.

"I resent that you have made my business, and it is also my home, something that it is not," said Diaz.

The attorney for the neighbors opposed to Green Oaks says, because Diaz is using it for parties with live bands and has weddings there, she is breaking the law. Wayne Hengen told the council members, "Yes it is like the coliseum. It is like a bar on the beach, let's not kid ourselves."

That was a comment Diaz did not appreciate.

"I had to listen to Mr. Hengen classify it as a bar on the beach. That is not what a B&B is," Diaz said.

After hearing public comment, the council's vote prohibiting any type of activity at a B&B was, according to Wayne Hengen a big victory.

"I think the citizens won because they have put up with an awful lot," said Hengen.

But Diaz insists the vote is not a setback. She says she can legally have her B&B also classified as a museum. Once that is done, Diaz says it is back to business as usual.

"We will be able to have a gift shop, and I will be able to have much the same type of events. So, I will continue to operate very similar to what I am doing now," Diaz said.

Diaz wasted little time. Immediately after the council meeting, she went to the planning commission office where, for 20 dollars, she got the permit to apply for a museum classification. Clearly the long battle over the Green Oaks B&B is heating up again.