Movie Director Blasts Sen. Lott's Record

Senator Lott's office didn't release a response regarding Spike Lee's comments. But several disgusted viewers did respond.

One man e-mailed WLOX News to say Spike Lee's Lott bashing was "slander". A woman said Lee owes the senator an apology.

Nobody at the Gulfport Business Club luncheon saw the moment on GMA when Lee attacked Trent Lott's character. "He doesn't belong in the Senate," Lee said. "I know he has that hood in the closet somewhere. The hood and the robe."

When told about those inflammatory words, Lott supporters shook their heads in disbelief. Chuck Teston is a Gulfport councilman. He was at the business club lunch. "It infuriates me," Teston said about the Lee comment. "Number one he isn't in this state. Number two he doesn't know Trent Lott. And number three he should stick with what he does, entertain. It may be an entertaining remark that he made. But it's a false remark to me."

Here's more from the three minute dialog between Lee and GMA hosts. Diane Sawyer told the filmmaker, "You can't come on and say someone is a card carrying member of the Klan." Lee responded by saying, "Look at the man's statements. The man is a segregationist."

Gulfport attorney John Harral took offense to that statement. "I'm horribly offended by that kind of statement, or any kind of suggestion that he is a segregationist," said Harral.

Right before Tuesday afternoon's NAACP rally at the eight flags display, two men were asked about what they thought of Spike Lee's assertion that Trent Lott had KKK ties. Willie Robertson said, "I think this is America. I think he has a right to say what he wants to say." George Taylor said, "I don't know what he is, what cards he carries or what have you. But I can say this, his record speaks louder than anything he can ever say."

Back at the business club lunch, John Harral said the chance that Trent Lott could be stripped of his majority leader position was a slap in the face. "Frankly I think it's trying to say to Mississippi, we're going to put you in your spot," Harral said. "You can't have a majority leader in the Senate. I'm very offended by all of this."

During the GMA interview, Spike Lee urged Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell to speak out on behalf of the White House. He wanted the two black leaders to condemn Senator Lott's past voting record. The White House had no comment.