Moss Point citizens fight back against crime

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Charlotte Brown loves her home on Landwood Drive in Moss Point, but says crime in the neighborhood has gotten out of hand.

"Speeding in the neighborhood, drive by shootings, just undesirables we don't want in the neighborhood anymore," Brown said.

Alderman-elect Robert Byrd agrees crime is bad in Moss Point. He represents this community and said the drugs and violence are tarnishing the city's image.

"We have a poor image in the city of Moss Point and we need to improve that," Byrd said.

The two are now helping promote neighborhood watch programs throughout the city. They say if citizens want to live in a safer environment, they have to work together.

"We need some form of having an extra set of eyes on the street to help out the police department, because we are kind of lacking in that area," Byrd said.

"Watch each other's homes, watch out for suspicious people in the neighborhood," Brown said.

Jackson County Supervisor Melton Harris purchased neighborhood watch signs that are part of the crime prevention push.  He said the signs will warn the bad guys to stay away.

"These signs are the ones we will be erecting in the neighborhoods going in and out, so that any would-be criminal can see this," Harris said. "They should realize that there are eyes watching you."

Te goal of the safety watch program is to take back Moss Point from the criminals, even if it means doing it one neighborhood at a time.

"As the neighborhood becomes infested with crime related activity, the property values drop. To change that, it takes a certain degree of team work, banning together and going out and doing what is necessary to improve the neighborhood," Supervisor Harris said.

All citizens and city leaders are invited to the neighborhood watch kickoff program Saturday at Landwood Drive in Moss Point. Supervisor Harris said citizens will put up the watch out signs at 9 a.m.

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