Picayune Police Department ride to say thank you

By Al Showers - bio | email

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - The Picayune Police Department took its motorcycles on a 'Thank You' road trip. This was to show their appreciation for the law enforcers around the country who helped Picayune after Hurricane Katrina.

"The pay it forward remember ride is about honoring those individuals our angels in law enforcement that came and rendered aid to our community and the city of Picayune during our nation's worse natural disaster Hurricane Katrina," Picayune Police Chief Jim Luke said

These were presentation ceremonies held for ten police and fire departments through-out the nation. Chief Jim Luke says his department will never forget the help they received after the storm.

"We had worked seven days without any rest, suffering from dehydration, heat exhalation. Our police department worked tirelessly, but we needed a break," Luke said. "I can remember on the seventh day I prayed that God would give us rest for our labors, and the first boots on the ground were the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department out of Jacksonville, Florida. And we'll never forget them they are our heros."

Other agencies which sent help, include the Alexandria Virginia Police Department, the Virginia State Police, the Brentwood Tennessee Police Department and the Madison Police Department from Central Mississippi.

Luke said, "We delivered a proclamation from our mayor and city council, and in the proclamation, it says we stand ready and willing to render aid should they ever have a natural disaster like a hurricane Katrina."

The Pay it forward remember ride did not cost Picayune Taxpayers a dime. The trip was made possible through donations from the local businesses and individuals.

Luke said, "They do remember when the law enforcement agencies were here, and they helped protect their businesses. And they helped in long gas lines and banks that were opening up and provided protection, so we could get the banks opened up. This was a way to give back."

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