Possible Carbon Monoxide Scare At Daycare

Many of the staff and kids who got sick at the Twin Oaks Daycare arrived early as parents dropped the kids off on their way to work. When Suzanne Joyner dropped off her two kids, she saw people getting sick.

"A one year old had already thrown up. When I was bringing her in there a three year old was throwin' up and then I went back cause I always go back and say bye to 'em on my way back through and his teacher was passin' out on the floor. It was eerie she just looked real sick," she says.

The entire building was evacuated before 9:30. Most of the kids waited at a family medical clinic next door and Gulfport EMT's made sure they had plenty of oxygen. The owner notified parents that they needed to come get their kids.

One man who came to pick up his grandchild says the medical technicians told him to watch her closely throughout the day.

"They said to keep an eye on her, see if there's any vomiting, nauseous, that sorta thing," says Jim Haupt.

Those symptoms are all consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning, but the Gulfport Fire Chief stopped short of saying it was the lethal gas.

"We're not sure what we're dealing with. Right now we're investigating to determine what type of substance made the adults and the children sick.  We're investigating to try to determine if the building even has gas or has gas furnaces which typically causes carbon monoxide problems," says Sullivan.

Sullivan says carbon monoxide monitors are in the daycare center. The fire department's monitors did detect something inside.

"We did do some readings and got some significant readings of some type of gas in the atmosphere."