Homeowners Get Chance To Speak Out About Possible Insurance Hike

Later this week State Farm will be asked to explain why homeowners may have to reach deeper into their pockets for insurance. Insurance Commissioner George Dale has called for a public forum in Jackson on Thursday. Dale says he hopes the forum will provide an opportunity for State Farm to justify the 42.5 percent rate hike the company is asking for. It will also be an opportunity for homeowners facing the huge hike to speak out. Vincent Palmer of Ocean Springs says he's not prepared to pay how much more State Farm wants to insure his home.

"Fourty-two percent is a huge amount," said Palmer. "A lot of people live close to their income as best they can and that would just reevaluate the whole situation for us."

Some homeowners say State Insurance Commissioner George Dale needs to reevaluate his commitment to the people not the insurance companies.

Carol Stultz, a homeowner, says "Mississippi people get angry too over things like that. So his job could be on the line the next."

"It sounds to me like he's trying to play both sides," said homeowner Rusty Diaz. "He's trying to satisfy the people of Mississippi and at the same time try to satisfy the insurance companies and it's not gonna work both ways."

Some people whose homes aren't with State Farm say they don't want their companies getting any bright ideas.

Bud Evans fears that his "insurance may say 'Oh, look what they're getting through, let's see if we can raise our rates also.'"

Your chance to tell Insurance commissioner George Dale what you think is coming this Thursday. The forum will take place December 19th at 9 a.m. at the Woolfolk State Office Building in Jackson at 501 N.West Street.

State Farm company officials and Commissioner Dale will speak and then Dale will take citizens comments.