Gulfport vs. Bay St. Louis: Sunday In The Superdome

Some local NFL wannabees will be living a dream this weekend. The 'Gulfport Tigers' will be traveling to the Superdome, to play the 'Bay Saint Louis Tigers' in a game for coast bragging rights.

For the Gulfport Tigers, this week was all about practice. Coach Chad Edwards, has a pretty difficult job. He's got to keep all these guys in line, while teaching them all the plays.

"All of these guys are from the college park area here. They all go to Anniston Avenue Elementary. They're mainly third and fourth graders, anywhere from eight to ten years of age," Edwards said.

Before Sunday's Saints game, these young men will take the field and play like the pros.

"Right now I don't think they know the size of the stadium we're going to be in. When we walk in, I think they're going to be in complete awe of the arena. Just the fact that they're put on the same field as the NFL players are put on, they'll be bouncing off the walls," Edwards said.

"I'm really excited, that we finally get to play in the superdome. I've never played in it before," player Dillian Gillis said.

"I like football because it makes you healthy and stuff," player Zacari Lavender said.

"It's really great because it feels like, their power is gonna rub off on us, and we're probably going to win against Bay St. Louis," player James Edwards said.

But that win isn't going to come easy.

They look pretty strong, so it's going to be a good game. Both teams looking to have fun mainly, but pure excitement of getting to play on the Superdome surface you know," Coach Edwards said.

"I'm going to try to get to the quarterback, make a couple of interceptions, and recover fumbles, and all that," player Daniel Campbell said.

The Gulfport Tigers hope 'all that' will be enough for the win.

One Gulfport Tiger added that the team hopes to score 25 touchdowns Sunday in the dome.