Melton Vows No One Above The Law

Frank Melton told the graduates at the law enforcement training academy that he is bringing a new management style to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

"There will be no politics. There will be no good ole boys club, there will be no racial card playing."

Melton says he wants to help officers do their jobs better. He's asked the U.S. Attorney General to lighten on up the rules.

"I'm asking the attorney general for more latitude. I don't want them filling out forms, I want them getting bad guys off the street. I don't want them to hesitate when their life is in danger thinking about 'how many forms am I gonna have to fill out when I pull this gun out of my holster,'" he said.

Melton promises no one will be above the law if they're selling drugs.

"We're gonna have to put a few handcuffs on some peole who think the're important. We're gonna put some handcuffs on some people who have become wealthy by destroying other peoples lives."

Those are strong words from a man who has no law enforcement training, but those who do say Melton is a strong administrator, and a man of his word.

"Everything he told us today here at this graduating class, he will produce. I believe in him very strongly I think he's gonna be an asset to the state of Mississippi and also to the Bureau of Narcotics," Chief Jimmy Stringer of the Columbia Police Department said.

"He is a leader, he is a person who has a vision and we need people who will volunteer their time to be leaders in this state who will have the passion and the courage to speak out," Harrison County Sheriff George Payne said.