Computer Program Teaching A Hard Lesson The Easy Way

Melissa Windham is trying out the Blood Alcohol Educator. It's a computer program designed to show how easy it is to get drunk. A person's weight and gender are typed in to determine how much alcohol it takes to reach or pass the legal blood alcohol content level.

"A martini, a beer, and a shot of alcohol. At that point, it would have taken me 18 hours to recoup, to get back to sober. Three more shots and it told me I was dead." Windham said.

That kind of reality is the message "The Century Council" wants to continue to give. The council travels all over the US with this program and others to bring awareness to the harmful effects of alcohol.

The program worked for Alexander McKinney. Although he says he doesn't drink, he was surprised by the results.

"It really surprised me and just think, young people out here doing the same thing. I'm an adult... what it did to me, I know it would do to them," McKinney said.

The program comes to the coast at a time when law enforcement will be keeping a close watch on the roads to make sure people don't drink and drive.

"You can drink one or two drinks before you realize it, and be too intoxicated to drive," Gautier Police Officer Jim Cazzell said.

"We all know drunk driving is a tremendous problem. It is on the decrease actually for the first time in a long time. But far too many people are killed on our highways because of alcohol related incidents," Century Council Members Tommy Hopper said.

Although the computer program was only in town for a day, everyone hopes the message will stick in people's minds this holiday season.

The Century Council has traveled to 36 states so far with the "Blood Alcohol Educator." Click here to find out more about the program or try it out yourself.

By Myya Robinson