Landscaper donates house to a Stone Co. fire victim

By Brad Kessie - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When a fire tore through Glennis Pops Rayburn's home, his law enforcement friends in Stone County vowed to take care of him.  Since the April fire, the 75-year-old has lived with a relative.  But, a Woolmarket man is giving Pops a permanent place to call home.

That man is Richard Drummond.  He runs Landscaping Logistics.  The company's new office is on Woolmarket Road.  Its old office is a half century year old house next door.

"It's a nice home with a lot of charm," Drummond said.

Once Drummond's new office opened, the house, and its screened in porch, became obsolete.  The landscaper thought about selling it, so it could be moved off his property, and his company could expand.  But then, he heard about Pops Rayburn.

"I just felt like it was worth more to him than it would be to me to sell," he said.

Pops Rayburn lost his home in a late April fire.  Drummond remember what that feeling was like.  You see, he lost his home in Hurricane Katrina.  So, the landscaper called the long time Stone County sheriff's deputy, and offered him the home.  But there was one string attached.  Pops had to somehow move it from here in Woolmarket to Stone County.

"I had something that I didn't need anymore.  And here was a man who has a great need for it," said Drummond.

On Thursday, a moving truck will roll the house to Pops' property.  And a new friendship will blossom.

"A dream came true that I didn't know would happen," the retired deputy said.  "And he made it come true."

Drummond said he simply did what was in his heart, because he knew it would mean Pops wouldn't have to restart his life from scratch.

"The value of the house to me just wasn't as much as I felt like the value would be to him," he said.  "To be in a position now to be able to help somebody out is a very good feeling."

Pops will be in Woolmarket Thursday morning, along with several of his friends with the Stone County Sheriff's Department.  They plan on following the movers every step of the way, until his new home reaches his property.

"You think a lot of people are bad," the former deputy said.  "But this world is filled with the finest people in the world.  In my book, he's just one of them."

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