Abandoned boats

Here's a case where we think there needs to be better regulations. For the past four years, since Hurricane Katrina, several shrimp boats have been tied to the banks of Gulfport Industrial Canal. Basically they have been abandoned. But since they have not posed a hazard to navigation, nothing has been done to remove them.

Since they have recently started sinking, officials can now have them removed. Why should we have to wait four years to remove something that is a potential hazard to our shipping interest in the Back Bay?

If we would have had a significant storm during the past four years, these abandoned boats were likely to have come loose from their moorings damaging other boats seeking safe harbor. No doubt this same scenario is occuring at other places along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Our marine law enforcement officers need better tools to remove abandoned boats in a more timely matter. Failure to do so, is not only a safety issue but also an eyesore.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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